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Terms and Policies


Shipping and Handling for orders as listed below:
For a limited time offer, Smile Group LLC is delivering for FREE for 1/Pallet order equal to or exceed $5,000. Payment must be received upon shipping the order.

Full container orders will be delivered for free to the warehouse.

$5,000 or less, the buyer is responsible to pay the freight cost, approximate shipping cost is $300 per pallet.

All claims for damaged items must be made ASAP and no more than 10/days of receipt of products. Please send photos for of the damages to:
Claims for damaged products and missing in transit:

Must be led with the transportation company for they assume the responsibility after they picked up the goods.

Except the prices for orders that have been accepted or by Smile Group LLC, all prices are subject to change without notice.

To obtain current pricing please email us at: or contact your Business Account Manager.


For new accounts, payment information must be provided upon placing the order. Payments are due in advanced is required for the first 3 orders, then we will reevaluate the account to provide the account with better payment terms if possible.

➔ Payments method, please choose your one preferred option below:

Bank Transfer & ACH Authorization Form

I                                                          authorize Smile Group LLC, to electronically debit my bank account

According to the terms outlined below. I acknowledge that electronic debits against my account must


comply with United States law.

Bank Information

Bank Name

Account number

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ACH Authorization
"if applicable"

Card Authorization Form

I                                                               give permission to Smile Group LLC, to charge my card for the my

purchases. My card details will be stored in my profile and will only be used for my future purchases.

Card Information

Account type

Card number

Exp Date



Name of card

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Card Authorization
"if applicable"

➔ Returned payments:
For all returned payments, a $50 fee will be charged.

Return Polices


Stipulations for returning inventory to MN Smile are as follows:
All returned inventory must be clean, undamaged, and without markings of price tags or stickers.

Returnable items must not be in partially full boxes and cannot be mix and matched.

Returns accepted in full cases only including boxes, must be returned in the same condition that they were delivered in.

Customer will be responsible for the return shipping fees and 20% restocking fees.

Claims Polices


The owner of business to which the products are sold to, is hereby to guarantee the payment and performance of all obligations of the corporation its successors and assigns.

For unpaid invoices over 60/days, collection and legal proceedings will be instituted by the Smile Group LLC, company to collect all the amounts due under this agreement, I/buyer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and collection fees of 50% of the unpaid statements.

Minnesota Smile is NOT responsible of any below:
Return & damage & unsold & unpaid invoices from your customer after the date of delivery.

Expired items (All items will be sent with 2/Y Exp).

Minnesota Smile is very appreciative to have the opportunity to partner with your business. We welcome all constructive feedback regarding our products and distribution, and look forward to building a rock-solid relationship with our valued customers…

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